Study of Industrial Assets & Safety Engineering Services:

We recognize that Fixed Asset Management is vital to any Industry. Periodical assessment, monitoring, maintenance, and review of their condition with time is vital in mitigating risks associated with safety, unforeseen failures, reduced efficiency, increased downtime, to name a few. Our Audit Services in the areas of Structures, Plant & Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Electrical Installation, and Wind Farms will ensure optimization of Asset Management with lifetime usage and value.

Our Team of experienced Engineers from the requisite disciplines along with certified Safety Auditors will help assess the current status of the Asset in respect of location, likely cause, severity, and identify the corrective actions which could include upgrading in line with the current Technology. The Audit Report will enable the Customer to get a perception of the health of the Asset to enable short and long-term planning. Our Engineering Support Team could further associate by overseeing the refurbishment / upgrading process and certifying the same for adherence to the Regulatory and Safety Standards.

Supplier Quality Evaluation:

Today’s manufacturing scenario focusses on in-house manufacture, assembly and testing leaving the rest for outsourcing. With this thought process, Industries are developing strong Supply Chains, in order to grow, diversity, stay updated and meet time lines at competitive prices.

QUEST’s comprehensive due diligence regime evaluates a Supplier’s stability in terms of Business, Finance and Manpower Management as also current orders, technology, manpower, infrastructure, supplier quality, Human Resources, environment, timely delivery, and safety issues. The task is undertaken by our Experts who in turn have a thorough understanding of the item to be outsourced in all aspects including its functionality.

We do evaluate Suppliers to the extent possible, their HR Policies for compatibility to United Nations (UN) Global Compact Resolution on Human Rights.

On-site Safety Engineering Services:

Safety Services provided by us through our qualified Safety Engineers cover developing procedures and systems to protect the work force from illness, injury, and also damage or accidents involving all Construction Equipment. Safety Engineers are updated on current health, safety & Environmental policies, regulations, and relevant Industrial processes. They are trained in Supervising Site workforce and holding of pre-shift open communication Toolbox meetings encouraging retention of Safety concepts, foster culture of safety which are brief in an understandable dialect.

Our Engineers are trained to foresee possible potential hazards and pre-empt the same through proactive actions. They are familiar with environmental laws, maintenance of statutory documentation including Reporting to the Statutory / Regulatory bodies as may be required. We also have a policy of keeping our Customer’s Site In-charge briefed about all aspects of Safety, concerns, actions to be taken to enhance working environment.

Thermal Power Plant overhauling:

In any Power Plant, Safety and efficiency are critical issues due to the nature of their operation and we offer a comprehensive Quality Assurance Package during the Boiler & TG System refurbishment. Our Boiler Experts determine quantum of Erosion due to high pressures and temperature in the Steam Generation System and determine the replacement needs of tubes and coils in Water Walls, Super Heaters, Reheaters, Economisers, Air Preheaters, Fuel Firing Burner, Flue Gas Desulphurization, for replacement / overhauling requirements.

Our Mechanical Experts witness Valve Servicing, Casing removal & fit-up, TG and FD / ID / PA Fan for Bearing wear and alignment. In addition, the Critical Pipe Line Hangars are verified for cold and hot setting. On completion, we associate in witnessing the Boiler Hydro Test for compliance to all requirements.

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