Inspection Services

QUEST ensures adherence to Customer Specifications, reliability, safety, and functionality during each stage of the QA / QC process. This we ensure, through our robust Systems and Procedures. Our Services are comprehensive from the Raw Material stage through, material preparation, manufacture, assembly, add-ons where specified, and final testing.

QUEST provides Inspection Services QA / QC to the following Sectors:

Aerospace :

In Aeronautics our expertise in QA / QC extends to Aircraft Engine, Landing Gear Cylinders & Pistons, Fairings, Ground Handling Equipment, and static Twin Engine Simulator (Structural / Instrumentation with CE compatibility).

For UAV’s we are associated in the complete inspection of Structures, Wings, Fuselage, Sub & final assembly stages including field Testing.

In the Space Sector, our Services are provided for the Solar Array / Reflector Deployment Mechanisms, and Launch Structures.

Defence (Land, Air, Marine) :

Consistency of Quality, reliability, and safety is the hallmark of Defence items Inspected by us. Land based Equipment such as Truck or Tank mounted Bridging Systems, Launchers, Protective Cabins, Harnesses, Electronics, Hydro-pneumatic systems, to name a few.

In the Marine Defence area, we support under water Marine Systems in the area of fire arm launch mountings, Fluid Flow System of Nuclear Power Pack, Marine Launchers with stabilizers, and long-range Binoculars

We extend our QC Services to aircraft, missile, armament, and biomedical Defence programs. Our expertise in stage & final quality service covers metallic, non-metallic, rubber, composite, textile components, Explosives, Propellants, Electrical / Electronic Control & Data System Elements, and witnessing EMI / EMC / ESS. We witness qualification testing to validate reliability and performance of Products under various simulated conditions as per MIL and other relevant Specifications / Standards.

Power – Renewable (Solar / Wind)

Our QA expertise covers Equipment like Distribution transformer, Inverter, LT / HT panels, LT / HT cables, LA, insulators, CT, PT, Transmission Conductor, C&R Panel, Solar PV Modules, Transmission conductor, SCADA, Solar Support / Wind Tower Structures, Fasteners, Module mounting structure, Monitoring box at pan India locations.

Power – Nuclear/Thermal/Hydro

Nuclear - We have the competency and experience to provide Services during the manufacture of Components for the Nuclear Reactivity Mechanism, Fuel Loading Systems, Cannister under CFR for Transportation of Nuclear Spent Fuel, Fasteners for Reactor Mechanism and Nuclear System Components for the Naval Defence. Having worked at India’s three Nuclear Plants (5 Units), we have the expertise to provide Quality Management Services during the EnMass Coolant Channel Replacement (EmCCR) Program

Thermal & Hydro Power: – Having worked at over fifty Thermal / Hydro Plants (30,000 MW), our QA/QC spans equipment covering, Steam Turbines & Generators, Hydro Generators, Boiler & accessories, Boiler Piping, Balance of Plant Packages, transformers, motors, Inspection of bought out items, ESP, Cooling Towers, Coal & Ash Handling packages, Water Treatment Plant, Air Conditioning & Ventilation package, and related auxiliary equipment / peripherals.

Oil & Gas

Supervision and Inspection Services for Oil & Gas installations. QC Services to various Public and Private Sector Petroleum Companies for Inspecting bought-out items, pipelines, and fire-fighting systems etc

Empanelled by PNGRB for T4S Audit, IMS and ERDMP of CGD, NGPL, LPG, PPP, LNG and Petroleum installations.

Construction Machinery

QA / QC of Road Construction and Heavy Earth Moving Machinery structures, base frames, booms, cabins, hydraulics, and other auxiliary components form a major portion for our QA / QC activities

Cement / Iron & Steel

Our comprehensive services in Cement, Iron and Steel Plants encompass from receipt of Material, manufacturing process, to the product. Our Services cover, Civil & related works, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Material Handling, and Testing including HSE Services.

Health Care

We have expertise to inspect quality of Healthcare Equipment at the component, final assembly, and testing levels / stages. Our Services cover CT Scanners, X-ray Machines (static & mobile), Ultrasound, and exported sub-assemblies.

Rail Transport

As a NABCB Accredited QA / QC Service provider, we Inspect Railway Wagons for use by Railways for Goods Transportation and the Private Sector for use in their Steel, Cement & other Plants. The Inspection is done as per the RDSO specifications covering the Under Frame, Wagon Body from Raw Material Stage, Air Brake Systems etc. We conduct a pre-shipment Inspection after finish to check on the Product and specified markings.

General Engineering

Gear Boxes, Valves of all Types, Hydraulic / Pneumatic Systems, Winches / Cranes, High Tensile Fasteners, Slurry Pumps, Forgings, Castings, MM / Die Cast / Fabricated Components, and a vast variety of sub-assemblies and Products

Electrical, Electronic & Instrumentation

QC of Elements / Sub-assemblies / Assemblies including DG Sets, Insulators, Transformers, Motors, Generators, Control Panels, Switch gear, Power, Instrumentation & Communication Cables, Batteries, Power Transmission Hardware, SCADA, PCB’s, PLC’s to name a few. Inspection done to Indian and International Standards including conformity to EU - CE Directive.

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